About RPIC Lab

Restorative Prosthetics Implant Centre was founded in 1992 by the owners Betty Laggas and Peter Hatzipanagiotis. Since those modest beginnings RPIC has grown to become one of Australia’s leading Dental Laboratories earning a reputation of producing dental prostheses of an exceptionally high quality and standard . Our talented team of experienced Dental Technicians are driven with a passion for attention to detail and precision.

We are specialists in complex crown and bridge, implant and high aesthetic work. Many years of experience enable us to produce these cases with great success and allow our clinicians to provide their patients with restorations that look naturally beautiful and function flawlessly.

Our state of the art laboratory is equipped with the latest machinery and materials from the leading and most reputable dental companies around the world. Ranging from 3D scanners, high powered microscopes, ceramic furnaces and laser welders. Our technology allows us to stay in the forefront of the newest developments in our field.

Our reputation for service and client relations are unparalleled. We have a strong belief in working together as a team and communication is a priority in executing and achieving successful restorations. To our clients we offer a complete package which relates to beautifully aesthetic, functional and stress free dentistry.

Peter Hatzipanagiotis
Peter began his career in dental technology in Greece in 1982. He returned to Australia in 1989 and worked for Peter Vyronis where he further developed his skills and knowledge of dental technology. He has been successfully running his laboratory with Betty Laggas for the past 30 years. His specialty is all aspects associated with implants and metalwork.

The philosophy of retrievability applied practically to fixed, implant-supported prostheses.

Betty Laggas

Betty Laggas graduated as a dental technician from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in May 1991. As well as other achievements she was awarded the Sir George Verdon Prize for excellence in design and workmanship in the area of dental technology. At the age of 22 she joined forces with Peter Hatzipanagiotis and founded what is now Restorative Prosthetics Implant Centre. one of Australia’s leading and most successful dental laboratories .

Her achievements as a gifted and accomplished Master Ceramist have not gone unnoticed within the dental field. Her passion for creating teeth which are works of art is never satisfied. Her commitment to her company, her Clients and her patients is unrivalled.